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Choice Window Tinting


Choice Window Tinting

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Choice Window Tinting is proud to be Orlando's best choice for window tinting. 

We are committed to giving our clients the highest quality window films, the cleanest installations, and the very best customer service before and after the sale!

With over 30 years experience and hundreds of films to select from, we can match you with the perfect solution to your window tinting needs.

Having more than 60 years in the window film industry, Llumar Window Films is the world's largest manufacturer of high performance window films and tints. Llumar produces films that have optimal durability and clarity. 

LLumar Window Films

All Llumar window tint is backed by a lifetime warranty, that guarantees the film will never bubble, peel or fail!

Popular Science and Technology magazine voted V-Kool Technology as one of the top inventions of the millennium for its energy saving qualities.


V-Kool is a virtually clear window film, that rejects heat but allows you to keep view.

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